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I'm a Tech innovation professional, Drupal Developer, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Educator, Community organizer and friend of disruptive ideas, and founder/ coordinator, Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

Chimezie Chuta

I authored the book, Seizing Opportunities in Blockchain & Digital Currency Revolution: A handbook for Enthusiasts.  It is the most comprehensive, non-technical companion for the Blockchain/ Virtual Currency enthusiast. It is one of the most simplified text on the subject of Blockchain, Virtual Currency, and their associated technology, a friendly Swiss army knife in your arsenal as you navigate the uncertain world of Digital currencies.

I'm a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, a Technology entrepreneur, Integrated IT support professional, prolific Drupal Web Application Developer with versed experiences in 3D Printing, UAVs,  Blockchain & Cryptocurrency initiatives. A MOOC- (pre-MSc.) Blockchain & Digital Currency certificate received from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus; the first university in the world to initiate the award of degrees on Digital Currency. Courses are taught by renowned Bitcoin experts; Andreas Antonopoulos, Antonis Polemitis and others. 

The hash of the index file of the MOOC-7 certificate was included in this Bitcoin transaction, verifiable on any Bitcoin blockchain; 


The Certificate itself is here: 


Full MSc is ongoing, courtesy of the University Scholarship!

"I help to organize Nigeria's biggest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency events. I also Organize Drupal GlobalTraining Day events, DrupalCamps, and Meet-Ups in Nigeria and Africa. I have Spoken at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014, DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015, DrupalCamp Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa 2016, Drupal Camp Nigeria 2015, DrupalCamp Nigeria 2016., CMS Africa Summit Abuja 2017.

I speak regularly in Tech events in Nigeria and across Africa.

I'm skilled in Robotics, Drone technologies, Raspberry Pi, and 3D printing.

- Author, "The Building Blocks of Blockchain StartUP Entrepreneurs" (Work in progress)

- Drupal Nigeria User Group community Lead Organizer.

- Fintech Connector Community Partner, Lagos Nigeria

- Member SEC Nigeria Capital Market Roadmap Fintech Committee.

- Member Government Blockchain Association (GBA).

- Member Blockchain Group, Africa Progress Group (APG)

- Member Information Security Society of Africa – Nigeria (ISSAN)

- Member Fintech Association Nigeria (FintechNigeria)

- Strategic Partner, (BCVAULT) -Genesis Block Africa.

- Certified Blockchain Technology Expert. 

- Certified Cyber Security Expert (SWAT)

- Strategic Business Partner Integrity Consulting LLC, Tel Aviv. (Cyber Security)
- Strategic Partner, Genesis Block Africa.  

Talking about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain developments is like trying to take a picture of a running cheetah. Space is moving at breakneck speed. Any attempt to pin or pen it down results in blurry images. Regardless, it's imperative that we make efforts to educate as many people as possible on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency topics, knowing the dangers of ignorance. 
The blockchain technology is a 22nd-century technology that fell by chance into the early 21st century. It’s painfully obvious that we’re not ready for it yet. 
But it’s here. 
This book will explain all the bolts and nuts of this revolution and inspire you to take positive action and seize the opportunities to your advantage.
That is my main purpose.

Summary of my Qualifications

Recent Technologies

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Technologies

Ethereum Smart Contacts, Solidity, Liquidity, Python, JAVA, Bitcoin Protocol, Hyperledger etc.

Web Applications

  • Over 9 years’ experience with Drupal Web Framework/ Software Application development. Built own CMS frameworks.
  • Knowledgeable in: debugging, OOP, user interface design, and optimization MySQL databases design and management, security & cryptography, CSS, HTML(Advanced Level), PHP, and JavaScript, Server administration.
  • Fluent with:  ActiveX (including controls) AngularJS, NPM front-end scafolding tools, YEOMAN.
  • Familiar with: e-Commerce, Linux Administration,  CLI tools, cross-browser/ platform testing, and compatibility assurance.


Android Studio, Eclipse IDEs 


·Adobe Photoshop (Advanced Level)

· Corel Draw (Advanced Level) · 

·Macromedia Web development Applications (DreamWeaver, Fireworks, Flash)

· Image processing Gif Animator, Adobe Premiere, Finalcut Studio


LAN, WLAN, WAN, WiFi Network deployment & management, Cisco Router configuration (CCNA) VSAT installation, Modem configuration, tracking, alignment, locking and troubleshooting, VPN deployment, VOIP gateway configuration, Access Point and router setup, IP/ Network camera configuration & management, Multi-platform Video streaming.



I have deep knowledge of system internals, hardware configuration, and maintenance.

Much of what I know is self-taught and I'm constantly enhancing my skills.

Other stuff I help to run.



What am I doing now?

Am currently exploring platforms that offer Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

I strongly believe that this is the smartest way to drive mass adoption for Blockchain Technology among tech groups.  BaaS takes away the complex technicalities of back-end administration and enables developers to get straight into building out the solutions they desire. This is much like what CMS and Application Frameworks did for the web 2.0 industry. They give you the scafolds you need to build whatever you wish.

We need rapid DAPP deployment environments.

Am excited about the projects by Jelurida, Simbachain, and Exonum etc. already doing stuff in this space.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks

Am very interested in the future of AI for enterprise application.